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Thursday, August 13, 2020

What’s the actual way to lose fat? The ketogenic diet or a simple balanced diet with a calorie deficit?


I'm going to give you some advice which goes against the grain here. I think it's disheartening talking about diets and calorie deficit. I'm speaking from experience here, so I do know what I'm talking about.

The keto diet is quite good - it's implemented the wrong way by many people. The issue is that people tend to eat A LOT of protein. This is counterproductive to the whole process. We want our body to start burning our stored fat for energy. Unfortunately, consuming too much protein will train the body to convert it to sugar - so you end up burning that off for energy instead of your body fat. Keto works well in the beginning, but your body will start to get burnt out as a result. You will begin to stagnate eventually, and most likely chuck in the towel.

One thing I'd like to point out is that going low carb daily exhausts your thyroid as well. That will result in an even more sluggish metabolism. Done well, and adequately, the keto can help you lose a lot of body fat - especially if you are on the obese side. Done incorrectly, and you will not reach its full potential.

After all this negativity, what do I recommend instead?

Intermittent fasting!

Intermittent fasting is your best strategy for fat loss - long term, in the easiest, cost-effective and sustainable way. You eat less, and you don't have to go extremely low calorie when you are eating, and you feel terrific. Now, please don't think this is the simplest thing to do straight away. It does take time to stop feeling like rubbish when you start fasting. It's the bodies natural process to experience many uncomfortable feelings in the beginning, like extreme urination, hunger, tiredness and no energy for exercise. This does not last for very long. It will be 1–2 weeks max I promise you! Ride the tide and let it slide.

Fasting will give you results within the first week. The duration and length of fasting will depend on your goals, Fasting every day is a great strategy, but you don't have to if that's not your cup of tea. Every other day or 3 intense 24-hour fasts per week will give you great results. I fast every day, and I'm so used to it now, I haven't diverted back. Once you do this for a while, you don't feel hungry anymore, and your best resource of energy is when you don't eat. Plus, you put on muscle and maintain it too.

Some of you may be skeptical, so I urge you to do some research, and perhaps give it a try and see for yourself. I've done most diets - keto, paleo, low carb, low calorie. They all suck - and you can't sustain them at all. With fasting, it took me a good six months to lose body fat. I was at the stage in which I was doing far too much cardio and dieting. My body was not going to give in easily. Slowly, with patience and proper training - not to mention nutrition, I was able to become leaner, muscular and my body can now tolerate higher calories, more carbs and my blood sugar levels are still low. Once you train your body to burn fat stores for energy, it just keeps on doing it. Is it sustainable for me? Absolutely! Do I train fasted - yes, I most certainly do. Can I lift heavy and train hard as well - of course, you can!

With any eating plan, I do always recommend you have a day or two of eating an abundance of calories. That shocks the body and replenishes it's glycogen stores. I do this a lot when I train with heavyweights. Now, not so much - as the bands are the best that I can get to right now. When gyms open up again, it will be back onto the heavy metal.

Please do give fasting a go as a strategy to achieve your body reshaping goals. I have found it to be the best and fastest way to make trigger fat loss, and I won't ever go back to these silly diets ever again. Stick with what's worked for our ancestors because we have not changed much metabolically. It's just now, we have a multitude of food to choose from, and unfortunately, make the wrong choices too often.


How can I get a flat stomach?

 If you are one of the billions who have most of times dreamt of a flat tummy, and a six set abs, there is excellent news for many people out there - now you do not require going from the rigorous power crunches practice each day. There are many other, simpler methods for weight loss to attain that desired flat belly.

1. Gulp as much as water as possible for one.

2. Consume diet rich of fiber: - Diet rich of fiber provides you a fuller experiencing and also avert constipation as much as possible.

3. One should boost his or her heart rate by working out in order to blaze up excess fat, all along with crunches. Merely crunches will by no means get you the flat belly you always desired for. Fast stroll, aerobics, running, etc are only some work outs which will boost your heart beating rate.

4. Try to stay away form alcohol: - Alcohol is also identified to boost cloistral levels. Therefore if you stop consuming that tumbler of alcohol with or after ones meal, your cloistral level will not amplify further than the needed level. Missing alcohol will guarantee that you don't put on mass around your tummy.

5. Give up smoking: - Bigger number of smokers is initiated to have tube like bellies as compared to non-smokers. Study has found that smokers be apt to drop away the fat about their bellies when the discontinued smoking.

6. Work out: 
- Diet with no work out will only formulate you drop weight at first. Consequently, you are certain to hit a plateau, where you simply will not be capable to drop any more mass. A blend of various cardio exercises will aid you to drop weight. You must formulate that you expend some time for warm-ups and chill down after and before your work out regime.

7. Diet adjustments: - Minute diet alterations can do wonders in getting rid of that lump around your tummy. Eat more and more frequently and consume smaller amount calories. Small segments of meal dispensed all through the day will maintain your metabolism levels high all the way through the day, and thus you will blaze out more and more calories. Attempt consuming smaller amount calories a compared to you are blazing. Also, gulp as much as water possible. You may be blundering thirst for hunger cramps.

Mainly of all it is imperative for you to glue with the health regime that you have selected and not go away from it in halfway.

The most effective method to Lose Belly Fat In 5 Simple Steps


Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Fasted Training vs Eating Before Workouts: Study Compares the Difference


There’s a lot of conflicting information when it comes to working out in a fasted state. Some schools of thought say it’s ok to workout fasted as long as you’re doing cardio and not strength training.

Others say that it’s perfectly fine to workout fasted doing cardio or strength training.

But the key is to figure out what works best for you. If you feel as though you need some fuel before working out, do so.

But keep in mind that eating before working out makes your body burn glycogen which is stored sugar in the liver.

If you workout fasted you have a better chance of burning your fat stores. This is especially true if you follow a low carb diet.

Your body will always burn its glycogen stores before fat.

Slowly build to working out fasted

If you’re new to fasting it’s best to work out after eating. Even if it’s a small meal you’ll have an easier time adjusting to your fasting protocol.

As your body becomes used to being in a fasted state you can start to test and see if working out fasted is better.

The benefits of working out fasted include:

  • Increased human growth hormone (HGH) levels which aid in fat loss and muscle growth.
  • Better performance (once your body becomes accustomed to burning fat)
  • You have the potential to have a more efficient metabolism

One study examined the benefits of metabolic adaptations due to endurance exercise training in the fasted state.

In the study:

  • 20 healthy males were assigned to two experimental groups for a 6-weeks. There was the fasted group (F) and the fed group who ate an ample amount of carbs before working out (CHO).
  • All subjects were active previously and were told not to participate in any strenuous activity other than the exercises prescribed in the study.
  • The F group did all training in the fasted state. The CHO group had a carb-rich meal 90 minutes before the training session.
  • The study found that the F group had more muscular oxidative capacity. The F group’s blood glucose didn’t drop like the CHO group. The study concluded to say that fasted training is a good tool for endurance.

Your body won’t lose muscle

Contrary to populate belief fasted training won’t inhibit muscle growth. The study I cited above, clearly points out that fasted training enhances physiological adaptations that can improve muscle growth and endurance.

If you are eating the proper amount of healthy calories per day you shouldn't worry about muscle loss while training in a fasted state.

The athletes' strength, anaerobic capacity, and aerobic endurance were not affected after such a long fast.

Dr. Fung highlights the fact that the body simply switches from burning sugar to fat. You have far more fat reserves on your body. This provides an almost boundless energy source for you.

This switch is most effective if you allow a 2 week adjustment period. A low carb diet also helps the body burn fat more effectively.

Vary workouts and fasting schedule

If you have frequent strenuous workouts it’s best to keep an eye out on your caloric intake.

Fasting makes it easy to go into a caloric deficit which is good for most people. But with the goal of gaining lean muscle, proper nutrition, and caloric intake is key.

Every day doesn't have to be a long drawn out fast for you to see results.

Eat more on days when you workout hard. Consider shorter fasts on workout days especially if you’re new to working out fasted.

Bottom line

Fasted training is a great way to increase strength and endurance. It allows you to burn more fat over time. It’s one of the best ways for your body to enter a peak performance state.


Tuesday, August 11, 2020

How do I reduce belly fat in a week?

 A good strategy to lose belly fat fast is to run for 25 minutes every day and follow a diet that’s low in carbs, fats and sugars, so that the body burns the accumulated fat more easily.

It’s important to also do abdominal exercises, because they help strengthen this area, improving the appearance.

Although 1 week is a very short period of time to get rid of all the accumulated fat, it is possible to see some weight loss and reduce abdominal bloating. See what your ideal weight is by entering your data below:

Exercises to lose belly fat in 1 week

Running is an excellent way to lose belly fat fast because it burns a greater number of calories in a short period of time; in just 25 minutes of running, you can burn 300 calories. If you’re just starting out doing physical activity, then go slowly, gradually increasing the intensity and duration of your workouts.

Other exercises to complete the daily training to lose belly in 1 week are ab workouts, which in addition to strengthening your core, decrease the amount of fat accumulated in the area, helping you to lose belly.

Abdominal 1

 Abdominal 2

Best exercises to lose belly fat

he best exercises for localized fat are those that burn a lot of calories in 1 hour of activity, such as the following:

Type of exercise



Aerobics class-260


Rope jumping-400

Fast walk-315


Diet for losing belly fat in 1 week

The trick of this diet is to provide the maximum nutrients with minimal calories, fats and sugars. The following is recommended for this diet:

  • Eating 6 meals a day, one every 3 hours;
  • Drinking at least 2 liters of water or green tea a day;
  • Eating a different salad every day and a piece of meat, fish or chicken that fits in the palm of your hand;
  • Eating 2 pieces of fruit a day, every day, preferably low-sugar fruit;
  • Eating 2 yogurts with live lactobacilli a day, such as Yakult, because it will help intestinal transit, this way decreasing abdominal bloating;
  • Eating less salt, giving preference to herbs and seasoning salads with lemon, for example;
  • Drinking 1 cup of boldo tea half an hour before lunch and dinner because it fights flatulence, also known as passing gas, and so diminishes bloating.

Weight loss programs that have lasting effects are those that include regular physical activity and dietary reeducation, however, it is possible to get visible results in just one week. Aesthetic treatments such as lipo cavitation, radio frequency and lymphatic drainage to eliminate excess fluid, fat and give firmness to the skin are all treatments that can complement this weight loss program.

Thanks for reading!


Become The Woman You Have Always Wanted To Be

 In the world of relationships and marriages, a man who is able to help his wife become more confident about herself can be an important asset. Successful women know how to attract men by building confidence in herself and in her life. When a woman feels that she is part of a team with other women in her community, she can make some critical improvements in her relationships.

A woman's self-esteem is likely tied into her man's self-esteem. It is critical that a woman has a feeling of belonging in her relationship. When the couple accepts one another as separate individuals instead of trying to compare, it makes them more connected.

Woman are typically insecure and scared. By showing courage and confidence, she shows him that she is able to handle situations and challenges. This makes him feel secure and confident in her company.

Sometimes women think they will be judged if they make a mistake. A woman should be more able to admit when she makes a mistake and realize that he can let her know that she made a mistake. In some cases, these incidents happen very quickly and a woman should take her time before saying anything.

If you have had the same job for many years, you will likely work harder than a woman who has just recently been hired. Women do not always see the value in putting in extra effort to get a promotion. They usually see a promotion as a prize that was given to them because they are willing to work harder than a man. One of the things you can do is to say something like, "Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity," or "I know you want me to do my best."

There are women who prefer quiet areas that don't have a lot of traffic. That way, they can relax and be at peace in their space. Those women often have a very powerful sense of humor and make a very entertaining conversation partner.

A woman can build and maintain a network of supportive female friends. By giving support to women, she is less likely to feel alone. She will be more likely to seek out opportunities to share her wisdom and experience with other women.

When you are with a man, don't be afraid to ask him questions. You need to be comfortable asking him how he is doing and what he thinks of his day. You can't expect him to answer all your questions, but at least you will learn a little more about him as a person when you ask him.

A woman who is committed to an organization will likely keep going no matter what. It may take years to accomplish that, but a woman will still keep going and take on bigger tasks. It takes an enormous amount of courage to keep going when there is nothing else left to do. They are loyal to the company and the seniors and can be trusted.

Women learn how to cope with tough times in a way that is respectful of the situation. Many times, a woman will talk to a man about his feelings and he will sometimes be uncomfortable with what she is talking about. Instead of attacking a man, a woman will try to understand him and how he is feeling.

Relationships are hard work. If a woman wants to be strong and successful, she needs to be empowered by someone who knows how to help her become the woman she wants to be. These tips can help a woman become the woman she has always wanted to be.

There are so many successful women , just a less number of stories about them are told. I look forward to rectifying that. -Gaurav.

Tips For Staying Active During Corona Virus

Exercise will help you stay fit and active.Exercises keep the inner functions of your body in the right conditions. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we all remain in the lockdown. Our movement gets limited. To protect against the virus, you have good health and a strong immune system. You will get some useful tips that will help you stay fit during this coronavirus outbreak. Everyone must perform some healthy exercises that take care of health during this hard time.
Stay-at-home exercises are becoming very popular these days. People are trying something new to keep them flexible and healthy, but they miss their gym environment. Health enthusiasts even get depressed for not maintaining their exercise routines properly. Don't get anxious because it can cause many illnesses. In this article, you will get helpful tips for your health that are easy to maintain in this lockdown.
You should not be worried about the virus and make sure that your health meets the right exercise plans.
It is true that when you are in quarantine, it is very hard to maintain your health. You cannot access the environment that motivates you to give your best.
Although exercises may not give you complete protection from the virus, it improves your immune system and it protects you from various health issues. If you still think that you need a fitness class to keep you in the right shape, you can check classes that offer fitness goals with maintaining social distancing.
Exercise during COVID-19:
If you are planning for the outside activities, you need to check the guidelines stated by your government and plan your routine accordingly. Walking and jogging prove to be good choices for your health. If you have a pet, then you have reason to go outside. Check the plans and come up with the right options.

Social activities with social distancing:
You can enjoy some social activities with the people you are quarantined with. You can dance together and can enjoy the time you have.

Track your activities:
You must track your activity to stay motivated for shedding extra for your health. Use apps and wearables to simply record your all progress. You can also maintain simple journals that give you the best option for your health.

Sneak movement:
You can maintain your health in your lifestyle choices and through your daily chores.
Do your household works: tasks like scrubbing, sweeping, and dusting can also keep you fit and active. These activities keep well your muscles in arms and legs.
Use commercial break:
In the commercial breaks, you can do easy activities for your health like squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, and more.

Move around the house:
When you are talking over a phone, you can choose a walk-and-talk strategy for your health. If you have stairs, go up and down for a few minutes.
These activities will keep you active during the lockdown. There are many such options that you can do for your health. Stay active and maintain hand hygiene to keep you protected from the virus. Social distancing is the key to stop the spreading of the virus.
Use technologies to connect with your gym instructors. Many fitness centers are offering video training process so that you can maintain your health in the right way. You can ask questions to the instructors and can plan the exercises with them. Technology allows you to conduct such meets.
Moreover, enjoy your routine and stay healthy and happy. Coronavirus is a fast-spreading virus and every country is trying hard to control the spread. But, the situation goes worse day by day. Your contribution is needed. Stay indoors as much as possible. It is important to stay alert for the COVOD-19. Always follow government's plans for the precaution.
The writer is spreading the knowledge of the coronavirus and shares tips and exercise plans to keep you healthy in this trying time.

Sunday, August 09, 2020

"Are You Pushing Him Away? (How To Tell)"


So you met a man and everything was going great between the two of you. Or so you thought.

Then, quick as lightning, he was out the door.

When it comes to relationships, women and men have unique perspectives. From first date etiquette to when to sleep with their partner, the outlooks are diverse.

However, when a man pulls away from the woman he’s seeing it’s usually for a specific reason.

Here are three HUGE mistakes women make that push men away.

They’re clingy.

If there’s one thing that’ll send any man running it’s a clingy woman. Sure, it’s nice to be affectionate and show him that he’s on your mind, but when you make him your be and end all, he’ll start to feel smothered. When this happens he’ll try to regain his independence by pulling away.

What’s worse is when you make it known that you’re falling for him, too quickly. Since men are looking for fun in the beginning of a relationship, letting him know that you’re already planning your future together will scare him away. Instead of showing your emotions too soon, it’s crucial that you remain calm, cool and collected.

Remember, if a man senses that a woman wants more from him and the relationship than he’s prepared to give, he will pull away.

They’re insecure.

Studies have shown that 97% of women are unhappy with their bodies at least once a day.

However, when it comes to relationships showing your insecurities is never a good idea. Sure, it’s nice to be comfortable enough to talk about your gym routine or the healthy eating kick you’re on with your man, but if you’re asking him “Do these jeans make me look fat” or nagging anytime an attractive woman talks to him, then you’re digging your own relationship grave.

The problem is that once your insecurities start to show there’s no going back. Instead of pushing him away with your self-doubts show him your happy-go-lucky side and he’ll be hooked.

A good tip to follow is to pretend that every date with your man is a first because there’s no way you’d let him see this side of you then. For more ideas on how to boost your self confidence click here and watch this free video presentation from relationship expert.

They’re unhappy without him.

Just because you’re happy when you’re with him it doesn’t mean that he isn’t catching on to your negativity when he’s not in the room. In fact, if he knows that he’s your sole source of happiness then it’s likely to push him away.

The problem here is this type of situation makes him feel pressured to keep you content, and that’s a huge responsibility for anyone! Instead of relying on him to keep you smiling, make the most of your life. Do the things that you love. When you do, you’ll not only be making yourself happier, but it’ll improve the overall quality of your relationship too.

For a deeper insight on what pushes men away take a moment and watch this free video presentation.


10 Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

 One study showed that only 1 out of 5 people managed to lose the extra weight because of the weight loss

 process or ideas or any diet used without taking any tips. (Learn More about Keto Diet) While you are in a weight loss journey you must follow the weight loss tips regularly to intense your weight loss journey. Here are 10 weight loss tips that actually work to reduce your extra Fat.

1. Increase Steps Day After Day.

Every day add Steps while on pedometer or pavement until you reach at least 10,000 per day. You have Full day, whenever you get the time use it to increase your steps, do whatever you can to be more active, take the dog out for an extra walk. A pedometer can make your Task Very easy to do.

2. Home and Office Full of Healthy Snacks

People often opt to eat foods that are convenient, so it is best to avoid keeping prepackaged snacks and candies on hand. Most of the People love to Eat Convenient Foods like packaged Snacks and Candies because these are quite available but it is very best to avoid such snacks and candies to keep up your weight loss Journey. Study shows that people who keep unhealthy Food at home found it more difficult to manage weight loss. Therefore Keeping Healthy foods like Nuts with No added Salt or Sugar, Fruits, Prechopped Vegetables, Low Fat Yogurts, and Dried Seaweed, can be more helpful for your weight loss journey.

3. Perform weight training.

Performing weight training has a low impact on losing weight than cardio workouts but it helps to keep the level of metabolism which is more important while you are in a long-term diet. When you are in weight training that makes the metabolism much faster and it does not let the body shift to the low energy consumption position. But you must remember to eat some protein after weight training workout because your muscles will get stronger and lose extra fat as well.

4. Ignore Liquid Calories

Beverages like sugary soft drinks, fruit juices, chocolate milk, and energy drinks are full of liquid calories. Such Drinks are very bad and unhealthy in many ways, including an increased risk of fatness. Some study shows us that the drastic 60% increase in the risk of Fatness among children, for each day having a sugar-sweetened beverage. Most of the obesity among the children because of Liquid Calories. Therefore while having such beverages you must think twice about the result. It's very important that your brain does not index liquid calories the same way it indexes solid calories, so you terminate adding these calories on top of whatever that you eat.

5. Every Day Eat Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is not the best idea to lose weight but those who are successful regarding weight-loss one habit is common they have breakfast every day and try to avoid skipping breakfast. Many think that skipping breakfast is the best way to cut calories but they are wrong and most of the time they usually end up eating more entire day. Studies show us people who have breakfast have lower BMIs than Breakfast-skipper and they work better whether at office work or anywhere else. So, try to have a bowl of whole-grain cereal topped with seasonal fruits and low-fat dairy to start your day with Nutrition.

6. Having more protein

Having more protein can help a person lose weight. Research shows that a high-protein diet helps people preventing obesity. Data shows that a high-protein diet of 25-30 grams of protein per meal provides improvements in appetite, bodyweight management, cardiometabolic risk factors. Therefore people should have more and more eggs, chicken, fish, lean meats, and beans because these foods are high in protein and low in fat. Some examples of Lean proteins include Fish, Beans, Peas, Lentils, White poultry, Low-fat cottage cheese, and Tofu.

7. Drink Green Tea (No sugar added)

Green tea one of the best Natural beverages loaded with antioxidants and many health benefits such as intensify fat burning and weight loss. It especially increases of fat burning process of harmful belly fat. Powder Green tea has more powerful health benefits than regular green tea.

8. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Most extremely healthy foods are fruits and vegetables and they are weight loss friendly as well. They usually have very low energy but high in water, nutrients, and fiber. Therefore while having a larger amount of fruits and vegetables without consuming too many calories. That is why many studies show that people who eat more fruits and vegetables tend to weigh less.

9. Stop added sugar

It is nearly impossible to give up sugar but avoid processed foods is the first step to take against sugar. According to a study Men aged 19 years and above ingests an average of more than 19 teaspoons of added sugar a day. Meanwhile, women in the same age group ingest more than 14 teaspoons of added sugar a day. More sugar that People ingest comes from fructose, which the liver breaks down and turns sugar into fat, it let out these fat cells into the blood, which can guide to weight gain. Therefore no more sugar added while having any foods and stop eating foods contain sugar.

10. Fasting

Study shows that intermittent fasting can help people to lose weight and maintain their weight loss. But Fasting is not helpful for everyone; it can be dangerous for children, pregnant women, older people, and people with various health disorders.

Please keep in touch and appreciate this information. Please feel free to upvote this post if it is useful in some way to you.

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